365 Project: Week 20

I’m late!

Motherhood presents choices about time management in a way I never anticipated before having children. Free time can be so limited with little ones and a mother is forced to prioritize. This has been a particular challenge for my introverted nature. I crave alone time to think and process. But free time is in very short supply and sometimes is completely elusive if one of my charges refuses to nap on schedule. These are the times I find myself close to my wits end.

On the positive side, mothering is teaching me to be more intentional about my time. If I chose to mindlessly a scroll instagram, I may not get the nap I really need to survive the afternoon with grace. If I get sucked into the vortex of Facebook, I won’t get a quiet time before someone wakes up. Sure, I can spend nap time furiously cleaning the house, but would I be more refreshed and patient if I read a book for 20 minutes first and did a quick load of laundry with my remaining time? Choices.

I’m late with my post this week because after being up late at the new house with family Saturday night, I decided I needed a nap more than I needed to edit pictures. I also spent part of my Sunday free time preparing for a baby shower/mothers night out with dear friends. I’m happy with my choice, especially considering that our night out lasted for a solid 5 hours because we just couldn’t get enough of this rare kid-free fellowship with one another.

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