365 Project: Week 17

Happy Father’s Day! Today my father and the father of my children spent their afternoon/evening hanging doors in our new house. They serve as such wonderful pictures of sacrificial love, putting the needs of their family first in really big, time consuming ways.

My dad has been at the new house every step of the way: making sure the work was done right, picking up trash, clearing our lot and hanging trim, doors, and cabinets to help us save money. His only complaint? That he’s not getting to see the girls enough. Ben has worked at the new house every spare minute he could, sometimes even driving up the mountain after a full days work. He still manages to help with the housework, wrangle the girls whenever he’s home, give me a break from time to time, and keep a nearly constant upbeat attitude. What can I say? I am one fortunate woman!

This year, we celebrated humbly with homemade cards and donuts. Next year, I hope to throw them a feast in our new dining room.

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