365 Project: Week 14

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided to start solids with Margaret and potty train Caroline, while starting the process of packing up the house. Surprisingly, Caroline is loving potty training. Mainly, because she gets M&M’s with each success (often I reward myself with one too). We have her little potty set up in the kitchen/laundry room for ease of access. The second day of training, I was putting some laundry in the washer while Caroline was sitting on her potty and she suddenly said, “Mom! You’re disturbing my potty training.” She holds on to me while I help her with her shorts. Often, she then gives me a big hug and tells me she loves me. This was not at all the potty training experience I was bracing myself for, but I savoring these moments. It’s not all roses. There are plenty of times that Caroline needs me at exactly the moment Margaret needs me or Caroline insists she needs to potty again when I know she’s really just hoping for another chocolate, but in general I am thankful for this small blessing at a time when our lives feel so chaotic.

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